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Discrete, Experienced Criminal Tax Fraud Lawyer out of Southern California

Representing clients facing federal or state investigation or prosecution
The federal court system is governed by strict rules and firm procedural requirements. Representing a client who has been charged or who is under investigation in the criminal justice or tax system requires precise knowledge and extensive federal court experience. If you have been charged with a crime — or even if you suspect you are under investigation — Hector Perez can use his over 40-years of legal practice experience to help you. He possesses experience, competence, skill, and insight to defend you in these type of cases:

  • Tax evasion
  • Tax controversies
  • Grand jury investigations
  • Mortgage fraud
  • IRS investigations
  • Money laundering

Experience counts when your liberty is at stake
Being charged with a crime exposes you to these devastating consequences: (1) immediate loss of liberty, (2) potentially long prison sentences and (3) financial ruin. Only an attorney with substantial experience can understand the true nature of the charges brought against you, recognize your exposure and recommend the best plan of action for you. Hector’s positions as a former federal prosecutor and former IRS attorney give him a valuable insight into the inner workings of the federal criminal justice and tax systems. Hector Perez’ ability to communicate with prosecutors when it is necessary and his credibility, skill, and experience give the clients an edge in negotiations with the government.

Dedication that achieves results
Hector Perez is reliable, dedicated and compassionate and listens to the facts of your case and directly responds to your needs. You get honest, clear explanations about your case, what to expect and the next steps involved. He seeks to ease your anxiety and concerns throughout your ordeal.  He is accessible to his clients.  His clients have his cell phone number to contact him directly.

An established federal and state defense law firm
Hector C. Perez and Associates has offices in Los Angeles County and Orange County, Seal Beach, California. The firm services clients in the Southern California area and can represent select federal clients nationwide.

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