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Protecting the rights of Taxpayers in Tax Audits
If your income tax return or your business’s income tax return has been selected for a tax audit, many people get confused and stressed. This is not unusual. An experienced attorney with knowledge of the internal workings of IRS helps in alleviating the taxpayer’s stress and confusion.  In taxpayer audits, the burden of proof is on the taxpayer. It is therefore important that taxpayers preserve all their records and all their communications with the IRS.

Resolving Tax Disputes with the IRS Appeals Division
Most disputes with IRS are settled or compromised. If not, the attorney can help you obtain the most favorable settlement possible at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Office of Appeals (Appeals). Appeals exists to facilitate negotiation and possible settlement of tax liabilities without going to trial. The stated mission of Appeals is to resolve tax controversies on a fair and impartial basis to both the IRS and the taxpayer, without litigation. IRM  Appeals handles proper timely appeals after the IRS agent examination is completed. It also handles timely appeals of collection actions such as liens, levies, seizures, or denial of installment agreements. Appeals also hears refund claims, collection due process hearings, offers in compromise, and interest abatement claims. IRM

Tax Litigation before the US Tax Court
A tax lawyer’s goal in every tax controversy matter should be to resolve the tax dispute quickly and efficiently, at the earliest stage possible, and preferably, without litigation. A non-lawyer can represent taxpayers only through the agent examination level but not beyond. Taxpayers, however, still have rights beyond the agent examination level. Sometimes, obtaining a successful result requires hiring an attorney to pursue due process rights of taxpayers, including litigating before the Tax Court if the case cannot be resolved at Appeals. The lawyer can also represent you on the following tax matters if cases cannot be resolved with the IRS at the collection level:

​     IRS Collection Matters, in general

  • Offers in Compromise
  • IRS Installment Agreements
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • Jeopardy Assessments
  • Federal Tax Levies
  • Tax Penalty Abatement
  • Innocent Spouse Relief

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