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Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Ready to Defend You and Your Loved Ones

Mr. Perez has consistently obtained favorable results for his clients. Some of his sample cases:

(a) Doctor facing tax fraud penalties in Tax Court and consequent Medical Board reporting requirements. Result: tax fraud penalties dismissed; no tax due since statute of limitations expired.

(b) Business owner facing three years imprisonment on tax fraud charges. Result:  Judge imposed three months sentence and two years probation

(c) Engineer facing tax fraud penalties during audit. Tax Court Petition filed. Result: case resolved after tax fraud penalties eliminated.

(d) Business owner facing three years imprisonment due to tax fraud charges. Result: Probation

(e) Doctors targeted in grand jury investigation. Result: IRS criminal recommendation declined.  Civil tax cases resolved with no fraud penalty.

(f) Taxpayer facing audit on tax returns that did not disclose foreign bank accounts. Result: Fifth Amendment invoked during IRS agent questioning. Case resolved. Payment of nominal penalty.

(g) Client facing offer of 13 years incarceration for BOE sales tax fraud. Result: Felonies dropped. Tax paid. Misdemeanor plea. Informal probation.

(h) Current IRS agent charged with fraud penalties which put his job in jeopardy. Result: Tax Court Petition filed; fraud penalty eliminated.

(i) Former IRS agent indicted on tax related charges.  Result: Indictment dismissed.

(j) Client charged with second DUI and driving with suspended license. Result: No jail time. Electronic monitoring.

(k) Client charged with multiple drug charges. Motions filed. Result: 15 year potential sentence resolved with 18 month county jail sentence and 42 month probation supervision.

If you need an experienced lawyer to defend you or your loved one, text or call Mr. Perez now at 562-799-5524.