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Former IRS Lawyer will handle your matter before the IRS

Mr. Perez has consistently obtained favorable results for his clients. Some of his sample cases:

(a) Doctor facing tax fraud penalties in Tax Court and consequent Medical Board reporting requirements. Result: tax fraud penalties dismissed; no tax due since statute of limitations expired.

(b) Business owner facing three years imprisonment on tax fraud charges. Result:  Judge imposed three months sentence and two years probation

(c) Engineer facing tax fraud penalties during audit. Tax Court Petition filed. Result: case resolved after tax fraud penalties eliminated.

(d) Business owner facing three years imprisonment due to tax fraud charges. Result: Probation

(e) Doctors targeted in grand jury investigation. Result: IRS criminal recommendation declined.  Civil tax cases resolved with no fraud penalty.

(f) Taxpayer facing audit on tax returns that did not disclose foreign bank accounts. Result: Fifth Amendment invoked during IRS agent questioning. Case resolved. Payment of nominal penalty.

(g) Client facing offer of 13 years incarceration for BOE sales tax fraud. Result: Felonies dropped. Tax paid. Misdemeanor plea. Informal probation.

(h) Current IRS agent charged with fraud penalties which put his job in jeopardy. Result: Tax Court Petition filed; fraud penalty eliminated.

(i) Former IRS agent indicted on tax related charges.  Result: Indictment dismissed.

If you need an experienced lawyer to represent you or your loved one before IRS, call Mr. Perez now at 562-799-5524.